Tuesday, September 04, 2007

State fair, state fair, O how I love thee!
Thy caramel apples and pink cotton candy!
Thy puff-daddy-on-a-stick and fried alligator meat!
Thy chickens and cows and giant sleeping pigs!

No seriously, that State Fair had some good food. And Ms. Non Sequitur and I ate a bit too much of it. Meeting Wendell and Big R was fun. Hope they visit Madison soon!

Yesterday was spent at Kitkat's place. Kitkat made meat-balls and fried eggplant, her hubby M made chicken curry and rice, Ms. Non Sequitur made Turkish salad, I made fried shrimp and little Ijjac made happy fun time! We watched Van Helsing. It was surprisingly TP. (TP == time pass. For my Indian-English challenged readers, it means decent.)

Later in the day, Ms. Non Sequitur and I hung out with teacher Q and arty R at State Street Brats and The Vintage. Gin and tonics FTW!

And of course, classes started today at UW-Madison. I wish I could take a class or two.


Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Is Hob really back in the blog world???

Wendell said...

I love your State Fair poem! Thanks!

I have a little crush on Hugh Jackman.

Hugs and G&T's,

Katie said...

This post is stale! Update or die!

Katie said...

Wendell, I have a crush on him too! As the Wolverine. Mmmmm. Those sideburns. And I recently watched him in Van Helsing.