Monday, November 29, 2004

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
while(1) {
printf("I am still alive

Ah! Who cares about stupid code type posts made just to infuriate readers who don't like tech type posts. Yeah, I'm still here, still fighting the good fight, still defeating dragons by day and gryphons by night, still creating sublime poetry that enchants cities, still rocking the world in concert, still sweeping the Academy Awards, still trucking, still the glorious defender of truth, justice and comic books, still too bloody sleep deprived surviving on a stiff dose of coffee and adrenalin.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I just read Amit's excellent post on Firefox link customization using userContent.css and decided to hack around a bit more. What I produced was something that I had always wanted Firefox to do:

  • Now if I hover over a link which will open a new window, I see a red * before it.

  • If I hover over a link which has another URL embedded inside, I see a red ~ before it.

  • If I hover over an email link (one which will open your default email program), I see a red @ before it, and

  • If I hover over a javascript link, I see a red ! before it.

This is extremely useful, especially to a heavy user of tabbed browsing like me.

Here is the code:

*[target*="_blank"]:hover:before {
content: "*";
color: red;

*[href*="=http"]:hover:before {
content: "~"; /*content: "\0021b7";*/
color: red;

*[href^="mailto:"]:hover:before {
content: "@"; /*content: "\002709";*/
color: red;

*[href^="javascript:"]:hover:before {
content: "!"; /*content: "\002707";*/
color: red;

Cut and paste this into your userContent.css file and enjoy! Any further suggestions you have are welcome. And thanks again to Amit for an excellent tweak!

Update: Just some code fixes suggested by Amit.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

'ello, what's all this then?
Like every other blog in the world that's reporting this ...

The Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 1.0 today.

To those who haven't heard of it before, Firefox is a free alternative to Internet Explorer. It has built-in popup blocking, an integrated search bar for searching with one click, and tabbed browsing which let's you view multiple windows in one browser window. As of today, more than 8 million people have already downloaded it. You should too!

Monday, November 01, 2004

A Sunday afternoon trip to Devil's Lake made me realize how winter is almost upon us.