Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Twelve, count 'em, twelve desi-flavored photoblogs! (From

daily catch

{f u g a c i o u s}

Hacking | Photography | Bird-Watching

Murali & Nandini's PhotoBlog

Now Roboding...

t.h.e. | p.a.r.a.l.l.a.x.

§ â † ž 's þ ħ ö † ö b ĺ ö ģ

Shruthi Geographic

ShutterBug - Nilesh

Splashes of Color

Thakkar 's Sizzling photo Blog!

Now all I need is a camera and hosting space and I'll make my own! (Please Santa, send me a camera this Christmas...)



All the best! Get a camera show us the world around you!

Anonymous said...

You can use Flickr to host your photos.
All the best.


Anonymous said...

do let me know when you start your photoblog :)

`riff / itsxjustxanotherxday