Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Accidental trippy music. I was listening to Spaceboy from the Smashing Pumpkins album Siamese Dream. I was also opening random links on Digg and opened What We Still Don't Know - a documentary about origins - in a background tab with the intent to checking it out later. (I didn't know when I was opening it that it was a video which would start playing automatically.) I was also coding. The result was some extremely mellow alt rock layered with some trippy words discussing life, God and science. Maybe I should post a mashup on YouTube...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

And we don't know
Just where our bones will rest
To dust I guess
Forgotten and absorbed into the earth below

-1979, Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness, The Smashing Pumpkins
This the 200th post! Wow, I lasted for a lot longer than I though I would...

This week has been interesting. Work was the focus of things until Thursday. Then on Friday it was cricket time! Streaming video works fairly decent on Shoutcast TV. Unfortunately as is always the case, the Indian cricket team decided that if Hob is going to watch, we better lose. Badly.

With that bitter taste of defeat in my mouth, I decided what better way to cheer myself up than a couple beers at the Union with people who have no idea what cricket is :) I met KitKat and her friends from development studies (or something... Humanities is all fluff according to me... KitKat is going to kill me when she reads this.), Ms. Non Sequitur and her friend the linguist (or something) and Musical JA and his friend Roberto! After getting slightly wasted, it was pizza at Gino's. I think pizza tastes better if you're drunk. And the waitress noticed my Amsterdam T-Shirt. She was Dutch. Or something.

Saturday, after an insane 20 minute jog on the bike path behind my house, I decided to head to Union South and watch the Australia-South Africa match. That was so much better than in India-Sri Lanka game. After South Africa started to lose, I decided that I'd had enough cricket for the weekend.

Then I went to watch 300 with Sailor M! The movie is violent, cartoonish, picturesque and has some of the worst dialog in recent years. You should watch it. It's like Kill Bill meets the Gladiator meets the Lord of the Rings. We followed this up with dinner at Casa De Lara and a pitcher of frozen margaritas! After this Sailor M had to go to her friend's birthday party, I hope she got home ok :)

And this morning, I watched the second half of Altered States, a completely crazy movie about a researcher who does ayahuasca while in an isolation tank. Thank you i-me-moi for your insane recommendations!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's 1:38 pm on a Sunday afternoon and I'm at work. There's no one else here yet. I have just finished my extra-hot habanero burrito from Qdoba. So why am I not ranting?

It's because I spent last night dancing like a junglee at the High Noon Saloon to the great sound of The Kissers! An Irish rock band and Guinness in my blood, what more do you need on St. Patrick's Day? Others to partake in the festivities were Ms. Non Sequitur, Sunny D, Laid back C, their friend StayC, and later in the night Smiley R and her husband J. I'm so sore from all the head-banging today, my neck ache has a neck ache!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Drunk Post Warning: This post was written while inebriated.

Just got back home from a session of crazy dancing at Madison's with Q and her crazy friends. We danced to the likes of JT, Fergie and all kinds of crazy chick music like Avril and Kelly Clarkson. It was totally awesome!

Before that it was Gomeroke at the High Noon Saloon!. I was the closing act of the night with my rendition of Hotel California by the Eagles. I forgot the song midway but didn't care and sang out loud anyway! I rocked the house! (Humility clearly isn't my forte.) I'm totally doing this again... Before me, apparently Q sang and was, according to her uncle J, number 3 for the night. (According to uncle J, I wasn't quite in the Top 5 'cause I forgot the lyrics, but I "did good".)

And my apologies to Ms. Non Sequitur for choosing such a long song and killing her chance. I promise I'll let her go before me next time.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The adoring public demanded it so here it is... a brand new post!

What is Hob listening to?
Interstate Love Song by The Stone Temple Pilots. If I sing at Gomeroke (Live band karaoke) this Friday (contingent on whether I get to go for it - horrible horrible work) then it's a toss up between this and You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker. (Actually looks like they may not know either of those songs.... hmmmm... well there's always The Beatles... maybe something like Come Together or Helter Skelter?)

What is Hob touching?
His shiny freshly shaved head. Here's the deal on shaving your head:
a. Shaving the front is easy with a Gillette Mach 3, shaving the back using an extra mirror is slightly disorienting at first but you get used to it.
b. Day 1: Your scalp is like sandpaper and catches on everything!
Day 2: Your scalp is now has a slightly rough feel to it. Your sexiest looking day.
Day 3: Now there's this absolutely delightful fuzz that feels so good to run your hand through (for both the hand-runner and hand-runnee)
Day 4: Uh oh! Beginning to look like hair again! Time to shave... tomorrow!

What is Hob smelling?
a. Nivea Aftershave straight from India. This seems to be unavailable in the US and I didn't pick up any more during my visit... I wonder if Nivea makes cologne?
b. Clean fresh spring air. Holy crap Batman! I had forgotten what spring was like over here.

Who is Hob leching?
Ana Beatriz Barros as usual. And all the hot women in Madison who seem to be enjoying warmer weather by bringing on the spring fashions. I like. (That "I like" to be said like Borat.)

What is Hob tasting?
Success! And Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips! And beer, glorious beer! (St. Patrick's Day this Saturday!)

Friday, March 02, 2007

  • You feel the wind. Really feel it.
  • You realize just how many times you would fidget with it (A lot.)
  • Most people who know you will do a double take. But some won't even notice until much later.
  • You will do double takes in the mirror.
  • The strangest people will call you names.
  • People who have threatened you with dire consequences if you ever did it, will basically just say "whatever" and get on with life.
  • Most of the time you'll forget you've done it, until you see yourself in the mirror or touch it.
  • When you imagine how you look, you won't imagine that you've done it.
  • In a shower you quickly realize why it evolved in humans in the first place - to keep suds out of your eyes.
Things you notice after shaving your head for the first time...