Friday, March 02, 2007

  • You feel the wind. Really feel it.
  • You realize just how many times you would fidget with it (A lot.)
  • Most people who know you will do a double take. But some won't even notice until much later.
  • You will do double takes in the mirror.
  • The strangest people will call you names.
  • People who have threatened you with dire consequences if you ever did it, will basically just say "whatever" and get on with life.
  • Most of the time you'll forget you've done it, until you see yourself in the mirror or touch it.
  • When you imagine how you look, you won't imagine that you've done it.
  • In a shower you quickly realize why it evolved in humans in the first place - to keep suds out of your eyes.
Things you notice after shaving your head for the first time...


Jean Valjean said...

Pic are yor parents reacting to this?...I got a lot of shit from them because of the religious implications..."koi mar gaya kya?"

Hob Gadling said...

Yeah I haven't told them yet, precisely because of the religious implications... Pic shall be forthcoming.

Katie said...

What religious implications?

Ms. Non Sequitur said...


Hob Gadling said...

Religious implications being that in Hinduism there are only a few special occasions in which you shave your head:
1. During your thread ceremony which happens when you are 8 or so (I didn't shave mine during that..)
2. After a visit to a major temple like Tirupati, where you sacrifice your hair to God (haven't done that either)
3. If your dad dies....

It's the last one which usually prevents a lot of people from doing this. It's like it might bring misfortune or something.

And I'll post a pic when someone takes a good one!

Anonymous said...

cool.. pic please..