Monday, September 17, 2007

Ah! A constant clamor for more posts. My time is limited and I can only do one thing at a time thanks to my condition. So what should I do - cure cancer or write a new post? Write a new post you say? Ok!

This was a lazy weekend. Friday revolved around going to the Union to celebrate Kitkat's friends H and D's birthday. This was followed by hanging out at Paul's Club, being refused entry to Frida's as I had sneakers on, hanging out with Hoofers at Crave and finally going home.

Saturday was the big badger game and also Ganesh Chaturthi. So only vegetarian food. Chinese takeout would do nicely. I also finished reading Socialism: A Very Short Introduction. Currently reading the capitalism version of the same book. Will decide what to implement in my new nation-state shortly. Saturday ended at Micheals Frozen Custard with a sundae.

Sunday began with coffee on State Street and was followed by watching the Vikings vs Lions game at Lucky's with J. Then I made baingan curry and fed Ms. Non Sequitur and J while they watched Hot Fuzz. And Ganesh visarjan.

Monday, I'm back at work.


idadele said...

It's nice that you recognize that you are afflicted!

idadele said...

and you forgot to mention that you got to hang out with "the most adorable baby in the world!". And no, you can't steal her. What's wrong with you?!!

Katie said...

ha ha i spilled the beans about your kidnapping plan. A proper capitalist would purchase a child instead of stealing it.

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Males are so assy, I'm also glad you recognize that fact.

Hob Gadling said...

Assy? Assy? That's stupidiculous!

Purchase a baby you say? That's barbacruelous!

Steal a baby you say? That's criminalous!

Wendell said...

Your condition...hilarious!


Ha ha GH said "assy"!