Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Need beer mugs.


i-me-moi said...

Cooked. Have been cooking. Getting used to cramped spaces and enjoying myself. Not too bad. A friend of mine found all the other volumes excluding 2, 4, and 8. I knew Season of Mists would elude me. Bitch. :-) He bought the volumes for me btw. Will pick em up in two weeks from Chennai. It is costing me a bomb. 777 per issue.

Loved Death.

The following quote takes on a new meaning now: http://verbocrescendo.blogspot.com/2004/07/angel-of-death.html

Loved the whole damned book. Couldnt put it down and made a lot of excuses to avoid phone calls when I was reading it.

i-me-moi said...

No jumping the gun. No sir. Cant relinquish the joy of serialism. Especially with such a magnum exemplar.

i-me-moi said...

Need more posts ...

i-me-moi said...


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