Saturday, October 02, 2004

September has barely ended and we already have temperatures below freezing. Suddenly the idea of spending a life over here seems slightly tedious. California, how I long for thee.

In other news, the car hunt still progresses at a steady pace.

In other news, a shipment of 4 CD's from BMG music seem to have disappeared in the mail. I am extremely depressed by this. I do hope that I get them somehow.

In other news, 3 CD's arrive from Amazon, but among them is a Enhanced CD version of Mirror Conspiracy by Thievery Corporation. It is returned. I would rather have a plain vanilla CD which works on all my CD players and computers rather than some crappy version of copy protection which damages audio quality.

In other news, I have stopped liking serious and critically acclaimed movies. I could not go past 30 minutes with Quiz Show but watched Spawn and Kiss of the Dragon without a break.

In other news, tomorrow is laundry day and take-out-trash day.

In other news, Portabella mushrooms taste great when cubed and sauteed with onions, garlic, tomatoes and chilly powder. Don't forget the salt.

In other news, I should probably really go for a Badgers game, instead of simply having the brats down the street.

In other news, calling cards suck. I wish there was a way to call long distance with a guaranteed quality of service.

In other news, yes, I am a Apprentice junkie. Also, a Conan junkie, but I guess you already knew that.

In other news, the task of making a copy of all the CD's I own is taking too much time. It will be done though. No point in playing the originals. They are better preserved in their cases. Plus, I can apply Wavegain to the copies and not worry about fiddling with the volume knob.

In other news, Ron Garney's art on the JLA is a breath of much needed fresh air. Here's hoping he stays on for a while.

In other news, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely strike again with WE3. 1 know 0.

In other news, Supreme Power seems to be delayed, and quite frankly it's frustrating me to no end. This is the only comic on the market that I can remember the story to without having to re-read. Yes, it's that good. And frankly it's a pity that someone like J. M. Straczynski is wasted on something as confining as Spiderman.

In other news, I first-posted on Slashdot.

In other news, it's still too cold. Blogging does not generate too much heat.

Good night.

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