Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm blogging under threat here. Someone on my blog-roll (and I won't say who) threatened me with removal from their blog-roll if I didn't update my blog. So here goes, blogging under pressure.

What have I been doing?
Not exercising. I'm what you'd call skinny-fat. Thin with a gut. And the last two months or so, thanks to the gym being closed on weekends, and frisbee, my body has, shall we say, deteriorated. Luckily, classes will start at UW-Madison from Sept and with it the gym hours will go back to being normal.

What have I been reading?
I started reading The Extended Phenotype. I was in the middle of Maximum City when the library decided that someone else deserves to read it first. Hopefully, I'll get it back and find out what happens to Manoj the Crossdresser. I also realized that I have too many comic books and probably need to sell some of them. After I have read them one last time.

What have I been eating?
Too much partially hydrogenated fat. And it's not good for me. Don't eat partially hydrogenated fat people, it kills puppies.

What have I been listening to?
The College Dropout and Late Registration. Mr. West can't really rap that good but he can sure produce a nice sounding album. Drive slow.

Well, there's your post. Hopefully I won't have so much aalas next time and will update quickly enough.

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Katie said...

Thanks :-)

And I'm what you'd call fat-fat. Skinny people are boring.