Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh widdle bloggy-woggy have I been neglecting you? It's because I've been sleep-deprived and drunk.

After I got back from Amsterdam, that week was spent recovering from jet-lag. This activity involves struggling to wake up, having many, many cups of coffee all day, and then struggling to fall asleep at night. It's a lot of fun.

Just when I thought I had succeeded in bringing my biorhythms in sync with the other residents of Madison, a week was up and Commodore's Cup had begun.

Commodore's Cup is the Hoofer Sailing Club's annual competition. It's a week long event, with about a dozen teams competing against each other. The competitions include sailing, windsurfing, and non-sailing stuff like flip-cup and a talent competition. My team was the Redneck Yacht Club. It involved dressing up like a redneck all week. Wifebeaters, gas-station hats, everything! Mid-week was toga night so I found old sheets and slung 'em around me and hey voila, I'm a Roman. And then a bunch of us in togas decided we had to go to a bar, so we walk all the way to the Plaza in the middle of State Street in our togas. Did I mention that there was free beer every day during Commodore's Cup?

At the end of the week was the Commodore's Ball. A formal affair that began with a pre-party at a friend's house. The night progressed to ballroom dancing, (my taking Ballroom 101 in Summer 2003 helped a little bit!) This was followed by the usual going to bars in tuxedos and gowns. We Hoofer members aren't afraid of attention.

The week after Commodore's Cup I traveled to Charleston, WV again for the same customer. They seem to have cleaned up their act though 'cause I didn't see cigarettes next to candy in the vending machines again. Instead I saw Kashi snack bars! I was flying back on Thursday. Of course the city of Detroit loves me, so my flight into Madison got canceled and I spent the night in Detroit.

Friday it was back to the Terrace for a Hoofer's social and playing the game of Wait-I-remember-your-name-just-give-me-a-second. Saturday was the Simpson's movie with nerd-or-geek J, JJs going-away party and dinner with Wendell and Domestic Nemesis at the Maharaja! It was fun to meet Wendell and talk about capybaras.

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