Monday, June 11, 2007

This morning I had another nightmare. I don't have nightmares too often and when I do it's usually a nice brand new one. But there are some nightmares that seem to come back and say hi. A bit too often.

Failing Math

Specifically, failing math in Final Year Engineering (that's Senior Year to my Indian-culture challenged readers.) This is the nightmare that woke me up this morning. It usually begins with a realization that I have goofed around all semester and the exam is in a few days. I clearly don't have enough time to learn everything. Most of my fellow students seem to know their shit. My mind starts to think of how I haven't failed anything in college so far and how this will ruin my career. Good bye USA. Good bye cushy software job in Bangalore. Then I curse myself for procrastinating all semester and being overconfident. The exam is tomorrow. The exam is now. I don't know anything. Wake up, Hob, wake up!

I wake up and reassure myself that I already passed undergrad, with no KTs and we didn't have math in final year!

Raptors and T-Rex

For some reason this dream usually begins in a parking lot. I'm getting into my car. Or perhaps getting out. It's a bright beautiful sunny day. And hey look! It's a bloody T-Rex eyeing me. Run, Hob, Run! I start running and T-Rex follows me. Somehow I get into an enclosed space. Safe! And that's when the velociraptors show up. No jokes. I dream of velociraptors. Those fast, hungry, mean, clever little dinosaurs with sharp sharp teeth. Wake up, Hob, wake up!

I wake up and reassure myself that dinosaurs and humans never existed at the same time. Bible science be damned!


This is the worst of the lot and happens the most often. I'm walking from Churchgate station to my house at Lion Gate, right by Oval and Cross Maidan. Across the street I see a tiger. I real, live tiger, walking. What! What's that doing here! Ok, don't panic, keep walking slowly and try and reach home. Except a hundred meters away, right in front of you, basking under a tree is a lion! Not good. Perhaps I can cut between these guys. That's when I start noticing other large cats, strolling across the streets. My final memories are about being stalked by a panther, that's following me up the stairs of my building. Wake up, Hob, wake up!

I wake up and, well, can't really reassure myself that this can't happen. Because it can!


Thë Là¢ke¥ said...

Last scene:
Just always remember BNHS is nearby. You can always just talk your way till Salim Ali Chowk. The people at BNHS will take care of it.

Katie said...

I think you need to take psycho drugs with me. Anxiety, dude.

Saket said...

Hehhehe ROTFL. I know what's wrong. Mr Freud was a friend of the family and he gave me the Interpretation of Dreams for my first birthday. ;)

Okay but here is the lowdown a la Joseph from the Bible. Basically after all your dreams about hunting ducks and turkeys and crabs and other wildlife and roasting them, before savouring them, this is your subconcious trying to remind you that other animals may find you agreeable to eat. ;) It's like an attack by the Food Chain, except in the dreamworld. ;)

Wendell said...

Your dreams are crazy! The test dream has got to be anxiety about work or something.

But the attack animals? It sounds like a big issue you're afraid of confronting. (Ha ha, none of my business!)

Or it could just be Gina's cooking!

Anonymous said...

The last one is freaky!!