Monday, May 21, 2007

This was such a boring weekend. Not.

Friday was the Hoofers Social which was on the lake front! Saw a lot of people in daylight for the first time. I was relieved that they didn't burst into flames under direct sunlight. No vampires! Met Sailor M after a long time. Challenged her into eating a double scoop of ice-cream on a waffle cone at the Union. She struggled but finally finished it! Then I browbeat her into buying me a glass of wine at Barriques.

Saturday begin with sailing on a Colgate 26 with Jerry and Joy from Hoofers. It was a race! My first race and we won! (We won because we were the only boat in our class but let's not get technical.) After spending a couple of hours hiked up (and losing one my brand new gloves to a wayward swinging boom,) my back was a little sore.

Nothing a little beer can't fix! It was a graduation party for Ms. Non Sequiturs cousin RaHa and her friends Bri and Ann. It's a little hazy now but there was a half-keg of Coors Light involved and some Red-Headed Sluts! And a lots and lots of food. Reached home at 1.

Sunday was a chill day at home, spent nursing the sore back due to the sailing.

Tuesday, I'm back in Florida on another involuntary vacation!

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