Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another weekend, another post!

Friday was a tossup between the Hoofers social and an Indian classical performance. Gary said on chat that I should go for the Indian classical. Well, I was too late for the Indian classical, and seeing as how I had a big Saturday coming up, I decided to spend a quiet Friday evening at home. Wow! Haven't done that in a while have I?! So Friday began at the comic book store, followed by a quick trip to the library for some music. TV on mute - check. CD in player - check. Sofa clean and comfy - check. Falafel sandwich - check. Comics - check. Quiet Friday evening - check.

Saturday began with some party stuff shopping. Hats, streamers, Happy Birthday banners, party poppers. Book in Indian cooking for the birthday girl. The birthday girl was R and the surprise party was organized by her boyfriend J and Ms. Non Sequitur. The party was at their beautiful house (I need a house now...) Lots of people, a keg of Leinies, lotsa wine, tons of food, damn this was a great party! And it was only the beginning of Saturday!

After the party, it was a night of karaoke at the Karaoke Kid with my buddy KT and her coworkers. KT had long islands and I stuck to my default whiskey-cokes. Yes, as usual I sang - Bohemian Rhapsody and With a Little Help From My Friends. A funny thing happened too with the second song. I asked for the Beatles version. Of course they had to pull the switcheroo on me, and play the more famous Joe Cocker cover which I had no idea how to sing! What do I do? Nothing much, I sing like a maniac anyway with KT doing the scat bits (Can we call them the scat bits? What do you call the bits of lyrics sung not as part of the main melody? Ms. Non Sequitur?) and me the choruses etc. Yeah, I could tell people thought I was a little crazy after that little performance. And then we did sake bombs!

Finally, I walked (read dragged) KT home and got her into Ms. Non Sequitur's apt. Hangovers galore the next morning!

Sunday. No hangover for me. I think I'm just blessed. Breakfast at Mickey's with these two crazy women (KT and Ms. Non Sequitur.) Fafafel and gyro sandwiches from Campus Biryani for lunch. Right now I'm listening to Dave Matthews Band and listening to KT tell me to finish this damn post already so she can read it. Ok, done.


idadele said...

Hey there Hob! Don't think you can call KT's drunk singing scatting. Sorry, just my opinion. But you two totally rocked it out and I had a blast getting to know ya!

Katie said...