Sunday, April 30, 2006

And what have I been reading?

Ringworld and Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven. Classic science fiction from the Seventies which stills reads good today. And adds great new words to my vocubalary like tasp and rishathra!

My regular quota of comics which hasn't contained anything good for a while. I did buy Superman Chronicles which is surprisingly good for a comic book made in the 1930's, but which I haven't had the patience to finish reading.

And what have I been watching?

Finding Neverland and Final Solution. The latter has been one harrowing ordeal to watch. It was banned in India for a while, but the ban was lifted in October 2004. Indians should watch this. (But be prepared to lose your lunch.)

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i-me-moi said...

Speaking of comics. I finally finished Sandman. I had done the first 7 in like zip zap fashion. And then I got distracted by Milan Kundera and his unbearable lightness of being. Of late I read 8 and then paused and did 9 and 10 with a vengeance. All in all it was an experience that was memorable. Thank you so much, you're responsible for the initial spark that made me go out there and buy the whole thing.