Thursday, January 05, 2006

So this is a test post using the Performancing Firefox extension. It's a blog managing mini-application that runs inside Firefox. You can add, edit and delete posts. I guess it would be especially helpful if you have multiple blogs with multiple blogging services.

Looks like I already found a few bugs! If you select a post to edit from your existing posts, it seems to wrap paragraphs in a <div xmlns=""> and add additional line breaks.

Also, the html editor is not syntax highlighted, and doesn't use a fixed width font. No easy way to wrap chunks of code in <code> or <pre> tags. More importantly no spell checker. I'm probably going to stick to using the rich text editor built into until they fix all this stuff.

More bugs! If the connection to fails when you are editing a post, the post as edit button disappears. I have to restart performancing to get back normal behavior.

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