Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A mid-afternoon post is a rare thing. But seeing as how I haven't really been posting otherwise this will have to do.

We've had some unseasonally warm weather for the last couple of weeks. No complaints.

I should probably cook more than I do. Still, I seem to be cooking more than in my old apartment, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

I should spend less time in front of a computer. Eyes hurty.

Nothing good on TV but Steve Carell won a Golden Globe last night for The Office which was a good thing. He beat Zach Braff in Scrubs though, which goes to show how good the NBC comedy line-up is. (There's should be a new episode of Scrubs on today, yay!)

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bluegreenflysplat said...

i loves scrubs! how're ya? cooking's good. one day i will learn. i hope.