Sunday, October 02, 2005

Is being addicted to the Internet less harmful than being addicted to the television?


Thë Là¢ke¥ said...
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Thë Là¢ke¥ said...

Of course not!
They both get you!

If you're sitting and watchin teevee and eating and lying down and watchin teevee and all that you do is briefly move your hand from the 4 O clock position from the big bowl of 'couch feed' to your mouth (the other hand doesn't really move that much. Its holding the remote and just the fingers are active) then, heck, you end up with your a$$ in just one place and it dozes off! You get tingling sensations in places where you never thought you'd ever get sensations!
And in the other case you are sitting in front of your computer and surfing and listening to music and downloading stuff and typing and moving your mouse and racking your brains to think of some ways to make Microsoft pay! (!like that's ever gonna happen). Now that's not any more different at all! Not only does your a$$ go off to sleep, it takes your unmentionable others along with it man! So just because you're racking your brains and doing something 'smart' doesn't mean a thing man! You'd have to do that at work or study anyways!
Aaaw get out a little folks. :)
Give it a break!
Believe me.
I just came back from dandiya.