Saturday, April 10, 2004

It's been so long I almost forgot my password.

Anyway, here's what was interesting today:

1. Sun-dried tomatoes rock. Especially along with mushrooms and fettucini al-dente cooked in a white-wine sauce. Sun-dried tomatoes. We need more of those for sure. Mmmmmm.

2. Interesting poll on today.

Ignorance is...
  •  Bliss
  •  Strength
  •  Contagious
  •  Hereditary
  •  Mandatory
  •  Not a crime
  •  the rule rather than the exception
  •  Cowboyneal's middle name
So far "the rule rather than the exception" is leading with 39%, with "contagious" and "bliss" neck-to-neck at second and third place, with 17% and 16% votes. I don't know whether to laugh with delight or tremble with fear.

3. Restarted 1984. Maybe this time I'll also finish it.

4. Rolling Stones - Forty Licks. A long long compilation, with a surprisingly large number of largely listenable songs.

5. Got upset that all freshly mastered CD's are tweaked to sound loud and end up sounding terrible. Got even more upset that nobody has implemented ReplayGain on a CD Player.

I miss so many things.

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