Thursday, March 11, 2004

Some music has to be listened to. Each word analyzed, each metaphor grasped and held close to your heart, until you begin to understand what it was the writer of the song wanted to tell you. Of course, you'll never fully understand, and it will take on a different meaning everytime you hear it. That's how poetry is. It changes you.

Some music has to be felt. It's a rhythm, a melody, a counter melody, a horn moaning until you can feel the horn-player's despair and taste his sweat, electronic beats that touch your soul like religion, violins that crash and soar, a bass guitar that seems to vibrate with the song of your life. Music to dance to. Music to make love to. Music that speaks to you in a language you thought you had forgotten a long time ago.

Most music should simply stay in store shelves and never be heard. Ever. A pity that the world around me disagrees.

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