Saturday, March 27, 2004

Slowly but surely it has come to this as I knew it would. This blog has now become a test of my ability to persevere. To keep on writing when my creative coffers are empty and yet to keep it interesting enough for me to read on a later day. Very few people in the world know of this blog, which begs the question, why do I write? Surely, it can't be for an audience, as the hit-counter on the front page cheekily proclaims. It's not really cathartic or anything of that sort. I believe it's just words for their own sake. As a litmus perhaps to see how much I can do with them before they run out.

Among the most interesting things I saw today was the website of Elena, a Ukrainian girl with a motorcycle and more guts then any man I've seen. She rode right through Chernobyl and made a photo journal of the ghost town that remains. Elena's pretty.

Life is unfair. Mostly because there is a lot more I want to say but I shall not, for reasons mentioned in some earlier posts. Onward the revolution.

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