Friday, January 25, 2008

Hindi People from Goodness Gracious Me (A parody of Common People by Pulp)


She came from Kent, her name was Lucy Parker
Her skin was white but she preferred it darker
That's why I, caught her eye
We met at York, she was a first year student
She wore a sari 'cause she thought it prudent, I thought fine
and then in 30 seconds time she said

I want to live like Hindi people
I want to do what ever Hindi people do
I want to sleep with Hindi people
I want to sleep with Hindi people like you
Well what else could I do, I smiled and said 'Do you want a vindaloo?'

I said I'd find a groovy gig and take her
I like The Verve but she said Kula Shaker their music's tops
Just like Cornershop's

She said I wanna live like Hindi people
I wanna eat whatever Hindi people eat
I want to dress like the bindi people
I want to wear mehndi on my feet
but she didn't understand
You just paint it on your haaand!

Comb your hair and be polite
Do your homework every night
Don't smoke fags and don't play pool
Do extremely well at school
Take a medical degree, graduate at thirty-three
Move back in with mom and dad, even though they drive you raving sure

You wanna live like Hindi people
You wanna see whatever Hindi people see
You wanna live with Hindi people
You wanna watch your films on Zee TV

But you'll never comprehend 'cause for you it's just a trend
Dressing up like the Hindi people
In your favourite georgette salwaar
Dancing round with the Hindi people
Telling me that you want to learn sitar
but you'll never score with me 'cause I was born in Coventry
Coventry oh yeah!

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