Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mind-reading machines at the supermarket

True story. I scant few weeks ago I was at the local Copps supermarket, buying me some lunchtime grub. I passed down the chip aisle and looked lovingly at the neatly stacked rows of Doritos, Lays and Pringles. Picking up two of my favorite flavors of Doritos (Spicy Nacho and Cool Ranch,) I thought passed through my mind. What if they had two flavors instead of one in the bag? It was one of those Holy-Crap-What-An-Amazing-Idea-I-Am-The-Greatest moments. In any event, I still picked up both bags and decided to mix the chips when I got to work. The day plodded on and like all my fantastic ideas, this too was forgotten about, left unused somewhere in the recesses of my mind.

Until last week. When I happened down the same aisle in the same store. On that same shelf, sitting among the other bags of Doritos was something that blew my mind to pieces and then stomped on them. It was a bag of Doritos Collisions. Doritos Collisions - 2 flavors - 1 bag - Hot Wings - Blue Cheese. Those bastards. They read my mind. It was clearly a theft of my intellectual property and I wasn't going to get paid for it. I would have to buy my own creation. I couldn't do much about it at this point except show my moral indignation by buying a bag of Jays Chips instead. And buying a roll of Reynolds aluminum foil. I've made a hat out of it and plan to wear it every time I go back to that store. They're not stealing any more of my ideas again.


Katie said...

Ha ha! That sounds gross actually. I hate cool ranch.

I want to see your hat.

Saket said...

Awesome post! :)