Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well, I finished Epileptic. I had to take a break halfway through as it was just too difficult to digest in one sitting.

In other news, people have been getting engaged and married left, right and center. I'm still single though.

I tried to read Pop Gun War but I'm just not in the mood for such fantastic stuff right now.

And I'm looking forward to New Years in Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas baby!


DivSu said...

You are going to Las Vegas for the New Year! Have fun!:) I edited my post to explain what that stuff in Telugu means:)


Las Vegas - one of the best place to celebrate New Year's eve! I may miss that experience in my current life :-(
Post some photos too!

Thë Là¢ke¥ said...

well you are going to Vegas baby!!
a place where you can get laid and married and still come out smokin single!
[and that too with two totally different ladiezzz ;)]