Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why is the whole world so incredibly stupid? No, really, I mean, for God's sake people, why are you all so stupid?

You know what we need? We need more smart people. How can we get more smart people? Well, one plan would be for smart people everywhere to start making babies. Lots and lots of smart babies. Chop chop you married smart folk! More smart babies right this minute.

And all you stupid people need to stop meeting other stupid people. C'mon, snare a smart person, at least your kids will be halfway smart. Also, while you're at it, could you also stop reading safety labels?

Well, I guess it's another Tuesday rant brought on by reading this crazy post by Jean Valjean. And of course all the news from all over the world.

I wish I was more ambitious, then I'd rule the world with an iron fist. Who wants to vote for me and my iron fist? I swear I'd fix this place up good.

So remember, whenever you get a chance to vote for anything, vote for Hob Gadling!


Jean Valjean said...

Gadling for President!!!

Anonymous said...

Long ago, I used to wonder why would male animals (elephants, for example) would fight with each other for sexual domination. There would be O(n) females for n males, so why it have to be winners take it all?

Later I realized it is for their own survival. Allow the best (probably that'd translate to the strongest) gene to reproduce, so the species has better chance to survive.

But in our society, even the weakest (dumbest) people are allowed to reproduce, so not much hope for human race in the long run ...

Hob Gadling said...

Funny you should say that, I'm currently reading a great book on evolution which mentions how genetic evolution (Darwinian) in humans is being slowed down, circumvented even, by cultural evolution (which is more Lamarckian.)