Friday, September 02, 2005

So, I'm blogging this using Opera. I was able to register during the Opera Party and get a free registration code for myself.

Here's my impression about it so far.

Stuff I like:
  • Very fast startup times
  • Now that the ad is gone, the interface is very customizable

Stuff I don't like:
  • My Firefox/IE shortcuts don't work as expected. Ctrl-Enter doesn't autocomplete to, Shift-Enter doesn't autocomplete to and Ctrl-Shift-Enter doesn't autocomplete to
    Update: There isn't a real solution for this! There are a few workarounds, like Tools->Preferences->Advanced->Server Name Completion->Unchecking "Look for local machine" and adding net and org to the suffix types, but if a website is a .net or .org and a bogus .com domain exists then things don't work. Maybe they'll fix this in the next release, although it's been on wishlists forever.
  • Quite a few website's have reduced functionality, like no Compose tab in Blogger. As I'm typing this I'm back to Blogger's most primitive interface, can't even do a simple thing like automatically insert a URL. Of course this isn't really Opera's fault.
    Update: Actually it is! Opera apparently doesn't have a Rich Edit control.

  • I miss all my Firefox extensions. Most importantly Adblock.
    Update: And while there are ways of blocking ads in Opera, nothing exists with the convenience of Adblock.

  • The builtin RSS reader, can't seem to be configured to show all posts at once (ala Sage.)
    Update: No way of fixing this it seems.

  • I changed the default fixed-width font to Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, but I'm still using Courier as I type this. Looks like I'll have to change that preference in a bunch of different places.
    Update: That wasn't hard to do.
I'm sure there are workaround's for most of the stuff in the previous list, and once I find it things should be better.

Stuff I really really don't like:
  • Double clicking on a word opens a menu!!!!! This is really really bad user interface design. This goes against standard Windows UI guidelines. In every other application, double clicking a word will select it. Only in Opera does a menu open. If anyone knows how to turn this off, please let me know.
    Update: Turned it off, Tools->Preferences->Advanced->Toolbars->Uncheck "Enable hotclick menu"

  • The apologists in the Opera community. Any time a IE or a Firefox user makes a feature request, there's a huge bunch of users who will try and shut such a person off. Look here for example. These people really really hurt Opera and its popularity.

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