Wednesday, January 07, 2004

And right about now this blog should be dying a natural death, what with all the indifference that it's had to live with. But for some reason, it refuses to die. Mighty nice of it though, as I got something to discuss.

Let's do some food analysis here. First some definitions. Convergent evolution is an evolutionary process in which organisms not closely related independently acquire some characteristic or characteristics in common. This usually reflects similar responses to similar environmental conditions. (Quoting directly from the excellent Can this also work out for cuisines? Specifically Indian and Mexican cuisine. Both are spicy enough. Mexican food has the flat breads. The rice and spicy sauces. So what gives? Convergent evolution? Hah! Mexico been secretly spying on India. All these years! And of course Korea had been doing the same to the Konkan coast. Lots of seafood and lots of spice!

Ah! So nice to get that of my back. Now I guess I'll go back to my attempt to murder this blog.

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